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What would you do, if four of your closest friends could not find jobs?

You have an opportunity to make the dream of meaningful employment real for a large group of honest and competent men and women in the autistic community. In Europe, the 5-year old Danish company Specialisterne turns over nearly £2m annually by charging market rates with a staff of just 60 autistic software testers and clients like Microsoft. Harvard Business School published a case study of Specialisterne in February 2008, highlighting the benefits of their business model: The Surprising Right Fit for Software Testing. We are a group of committed citizens working hard to promote this business model here in America. You can help!

These jobs are important to me because... My son is diagnosed PDD/NOS is 20 and has a wonderful ability with software, but no jobs available for him.
— Robbie Phillips, Conroe, Texas

We believe all people have a contribution to make and deserve an opportunity to be productive.

With your help, we are creating jobs for the 40 million people worldwide who are diagnosed with Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

We have a simple three step plan.

Step 1: Achieve broad community involvement in the creation of a sound and repeatable business model that includes hiring autistic workers to fulfill the core business. Although the core business in our case is software engineering, the business model will support other industries with minor adjustments.

Step 2: Grow many businesses using the new business model. Although we hope that AutLabs is the flagship company, we are equally excited to hear about any other companies that may be established before us, such as the Danish company Specialisterne, on which our business model is loosely based.

Step 3: Change public opinion of autistic workers. Today there are many myths about autistic people which contribute to the status of unemployment in our community. With an ongoing commitment to the success of our businesses, slowly the myths will change. Eventually we will no longer need our own companies. Businesses like AutLabs will survive beyond the need for them because they provide valuable products and services from the start.

Find out how you can help on our wiki.

Thank you,

Samuel Isaac Dealey, Facilitator

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